Punching Technology - A core competence at HAKO automotive

At present we are using the following automatic presses icluding also the latest servo-technology:
250 t
YOM 2003
table size 2500 x 1000 mm
400 t
YOM 2005
table size 2500 x 1350 mm
800 t
Andritz/Kaiser Servotechnik
YOM 2010
table size 3500 x 1600 mm
t Andritz/Kaiser
YOM 2007
table size 4000 x 1700 mm

Coil winding machine Fecker, coil weights up to 8 or 15 t., diameter up to 2000 mm

Production tools : follow-on or transfer tools, weights up to 20 t.

Cranes : 3 x Abus each 16 t.

Scrap disposal by centralized magnetic conveyor system.

Apart from the automatic punching presses we also have a large number of hydraulic and mechanical presses with press capacities ranging from 20 to 130 t for various shaping processes.