About us

Over 175 years’ company tradition and family firm entails obligations and commitment.
As a family concern we are not interested in achieving short-term successes but rather pursue sustainable goals aimed at longer periods.
It is said that business people from our region are characterized by their reliability, precision and endurance but also a certain obstinacy. For decades now Bergisch firms have excelled in maintaining traditional ways and at the same time been innovative and cosmopolitan. It is no different here at HAKO.
 Our customers stand to the fore. Our business relations, some of which have lasted decades, bear witness to the way we treat our customers and their sustainability. Good collaboration and support in new projects – from the idea to the finished product, are just as important as quality, reliability and competitive prices. 

It is no different as far as our suppliers are concerned some of whom have been supplying us for many years, which all goes to show that on the purchasing side we are close to the market and well-informed about innovations and the latest market prices and modes of supply.
Last but not least there are our employees. On average our members of staff have been with us for over 12 years and this is an indication of the scope of experience that our employees enjoy and attests to the loyalty the staff feel towards the firm and thereby contributing to achieving long term goals.
As a company with a long tradition we feel a responsibility towards the region and the citizens of Wuppertal and the wish to share our success with them. We are very much involved in social, cultural and sports activities and above all our work together with schools and universities demonstrates the commitment we feel for furthering young people.

Further information on our firm, history and milestones can be found in the Downloadarea.