HAKO automotive – Quality at the highest Levels

As customers had requested it, by the end of the 60’s a quality system according the ‘military standards’ had already been introduced. And in the following years quality assurance was improved on a continuous basis. From attributive testing to measuring, using control cards and later with statistical process control the process and product security are guaranteed.
Already in the year 1989 our efforts were rewarded as the firm Ford presented us with the Q 1 Award.

After this computer assisted process control and monitoring programs were acquired. In 1991 the first quality management to DIN EN ISO 9001 was introduced and was certified
by 1993. In 1997 we were one of the first firms in NRW to receive the certification QS 9000 required by the American automobile manufacturers. This standard was extended in 1999 by the ISO TS 16949; 1999. HAKO was first certified according to this body of rules and regulations in 2002. Since that time monitoring has taken place on an annual basis according to the latest standards right up to the current certification ISO TS 16949: 2009 in the year 2010.
In addition in 2002 we were certified for the first time according the standard of environmental management EN ISO 14001. This certification is also checked on a yearly basis.
Our current certification can be found in  the Downloadarea